Marriage Proposal with Laser on Yacht

Marriage Proposal with Laser on Yacht

With our Yacht Laser Marriage Proposal organization, we will celebrate the excitement you will experience once in your life in the Bosphorus, which connects Europe and Asia, and we will make you experience an unforgettable laser marriage proposal. With the unique Ortaköy view under the Istanbul Bridge, you will have an unforgettable memory in the Bosphorus. Our marriage proposal organization with laser on the yacht is very popular. There is no doubt that we will make you an unforgettable laser marriage proposal with our organization in the world-famous Bosphorus, accompanied by the unique view of Istanbul. You can quickly make a reservation and choose the most suitable yacht model for you.

Accompanied by your romantic music in the cultural and unique view of the Bosphorus, you will collect perfect memories on the yacht. Our yachts are specially prepared for you. If you share your Laser Marriage Proposal surprises with us beforehand, we can prepare your yacht as you wish with our professional team. You can enrich our very popular additional packages. We will be witnessing your excitement in these happy moments. You should contact us in advance for your surprises on the yacht. You can immortalize the moment you will experience for the first time in your life with our professional photographer team, in the view of Ortaköy and Üsküdar, under the Bosphorus Bridge in the middle of the Bosphorus.

Marriage Proposal with Laser on Yacht
Marriage Proposal with Laser on Yacht

Marriage Proposal with Laser on Yacht

You can charter a private yacht and make a marriage proposal with laser on the Bosphorus with durations starting from 2 hours. Our yachts can be decorated in different ways according to your wishes. Our concepts are made in line with your wishes. We can also shoot drones while broadcasting music accompanied by a violinist on our decorated boats. You will feel special while having beautiful unforgettable memories with your partner. Since we price different services separately from each other, you can choose the ones that fit your budget and make a marriage proposal with laser on the yacht at an affordable price.

Our additional packages;

  • Special Yacht Decoration
  • Our special and hot food menus for you
  • Yacht Birthday Party
  • Balloon Decoration
  • Welcoming you with a special Volkan when you enter our boat.
  • Vip Transfer Service
  • Professional photographer on yacht
  • Violin Concert
  • Drone Shooting

You can choose what you want among our different options. Let’s take a look at these options together.

How to Make a Birthday Party Decoration on a Yacht?

Laser Show on Yacht

We are presenting a special laser show for you under the Bosphorus bridge, which connects the Bosphorus like a precious necklace, with the view of the Historical Ortaköy Mosque, one of the most beautiful places of the Bosphorus, visible in all its splendor in the background.

Laser on Yacht
Laser on Yacht

In the middle of the Bosphorus, we offer you a special laser show under the Bosphorus Bridge, which connects the Bosphorus like a precious treasure, where the city is seen with all its splendor as well as the whole view of the historical Ortaköy Mosque, which has the most beautiful and special view. You will immortalize the moment with our professional photographers who can take beautiful photos of you during the laser show, and you will remember our Yatta Laser Marriage Proposal organization for life. In this way, your spouse will feel more special and will enjoy this beautiful organization even more.

Marriage Proposal with Volcano Show at the Entrance

If you wish, we can also welcome you with a volcano when you enter the yacht for a Marriage Proposal with Laser on Yacht. In addition, during the welcome with the volcano, if our guests wish, our professional photography team can take pictures of themselves. Thanks to all these special services we offer during the marriage proposal with laser on the yacht, your spouse will join the organization of his dreams with a volcano welcome and they will feel very special.

Marriage Proposal with Laser on Yacht Our VIP Transfer Service

Our guests can come to the places where our boats move by themselves. Or, if they wish, they can have vehicles such as Mercedes Vito or VW Transporter, our special vehicle for these wonderful moments. With the VIP transfer service, we can take our guests from the hotels they stay or the region they are in and bring them with our luxury vehicles to the point of departure for tour of the Marriage Proposal with Laser on the Yacht . This additional package will completely eliminate the delays. If our guests wish, we can also decorate our vehicle. This will both make our guests feel special and provide more convenience. You can benefit from our private transfer service to the wonderful view of Istanbul. In addition, after the tour, we drop our guests back to the hotels they are staying at or to the location where they are staying. . In this way, our guests can come to the marriage proposal organizations with laser on the yacht in a more convenient and comfortable way.

Marriage Proposal with Laser on Yacht Professional Photographer

Marriage Proposal with Laser on Yacht
Marriage Proposal with Laser on Yacht

Our team of professional photographers, who work with us within our organization, can serve our guests during the tour if they wish. Our professional photographer service is available for an additional fee. Our photographers, who are extremely expert and experienced in their work, can take you professional shots in Istanbul’s favorite sights. We can guide you as you wish and professionally. Our service will allow you to immortalize these moments by taking your most beautiful shots during the marriage proposal with laser on the yacht.

Our photographers can also create concepts in line with the wishes of our guests from the professional photographer service, which is our additional service in line with the demands of our guests.

Marriage Proposal Violin Concert with Laser on Yacht

You can enrich our tour even more with the violin concert, our most popular package of our marriage proposal, on the threshold of the historical and cultural Bosphorus, while you take a tour of the unique view of the Bosphorus during the marriage proposal with laser on the yacht. If our guests wish, you can listen to the songs you wish live and have a good time with the violinist we have presented. If you would like to benefit from the violinist service, we kindly ask you to inform us in advance.

Marriage Proposal Drone Shooting with Laser on Yacht

Our guests can benefit from our drone service if they wish. Our drone service will allow you to collect perfect frames in our unique landscape. The last of our services is professional drone shooting from the air. Our team will help you always remember today by recording your most beautiful moments with Istanbul and Bosphorus views while you have a good time and have fun. Professional drone shootings are among our most preferred additional services, especially in our birthday and marriage proposal organizations. If you want you can click birthday party on the yacht page.