Sunset Boat Tour in Istanbul

Sunset boat tour in istanbul is one of the most popular tours of recent times. Our Sunset tour is accompanied by the view of the Istanbul and takes 2.5 hours. During the tour, you can enjoy the view with our special appetizers and drinks. During the sunset, you can take unique photos as you wish and record these special moments. Since our Sunset tours attract great attention during the summer months, you can inform us in advance and make an early reservation. In our Sunset boat tours, we have free private transfer opportunities for you. The price per person for sunset boat tour in istanbul is 40 euros.

Our yachts on the Istanbul Sunset tour usually start at the Golden Horn and continue with the unique view of the Bosphorus. You will visit our famous locations, which have become the cultural heritage of the Bosphorus, with our guide. Our sunset boat tour in istanbul route is as follows;

  • Maiden Tower,
  • Dolmabahçe Palace,
  • Rumeli Fortress,
  • Ortakoy Mosque,
  • Istanbul Mansions
  • Bosphorus Bridge

It consists of popular locations such as Apart from these, you will see many important and historical buildings. The famous Ortaköy mosque, the dazzling structure of the Istanbul, is one of our routes. Ortaköy Mosque, which was built in 1856, was built by the sultan of the period, Abdülmecid. Its architecture belongs to Architect Nigoğos Balyan, who is of Armenian origin. We continue in our subtitles towards the details of sunset boat tour in Istanbul.

Sunset Boat Tour Organization Details

We serve you with our special appetizers and drinks on our Sunset tours. Together with our guide, we will be telling you about the important and famous regions of the Bosphorus from the beginning of the tour. You can ask questions and take photos as you wish. In our sunset boat tour in istanbul, you will enjoy the unique nature of the Istanbul and the peaceful waters by watching the sunset.

You can enjoy the Bosphorus to the fullest by discovering the famous mansions, mansions, mosques, and important areas on the Bosphorus on our sunset tour. Soft drinks on our boat will be served to you free of charge. For example, Turkish coffee, tea and coffee are among our offerings. In addition to our drinks, we have snacks. You will be in the Istanbul at the most beautiful moments of the sunset in our Sunset tours. It is one of the ideal Istanbul tours especially for couples, families and groups of friends.

One of the most important places to visit in our sunset tour boat in istanbul is the Maiden’s Tower. The Maiden’s Tower, about which various rumors are told and which is the subject of legends, is one of the important works of the Istanbul. Our yacht approaches the Maiden’s Tower and waits for a short time, allowing our guests to see the Maiden’s Tower closely. Our guests can take photos here and immortalize this beautiful view. On our Maiden’s Tower route, they can watch the unique view of Üsküdar, one of the most important regions of the Asian side.

One of our destination routes is Dolmabahçe Palace. Dolmabahçe Palace is an Ottoman work. It was made by Abdulmecid. Dolmabahçe Palace is one of the most important works of Istanbul. The construction of Dolmabahçe Mosque was started by the mother of Sultan Abdülmecit. Its real name is Bezmialem Valide Sultan Mosque. It was completed by Sultan Abdülmecit after the death of Valide Sultan and is a building designed by Garabet Balyan. The reason why its current name is Dolmabahçe Mosque is considered as a whole with Dolmabahçe Palace. That’s why Dolmabahçe Mosque got its name.

Sunset Boat Tour in Istanbul
Sunset Boat Tour in Istanbul

Our yacht continues to Dolmabahçe Palace, Çırağan Palace, Bosphorus Bridge, passing through the Dolmabahçe Mosque. Rumeli Fortress is one of the most important works of the Bosphorus. Rumeli Fortress was built in 1452, it was built by Fatih Sultan Mehmet. It was built right across Anadolu Hisarı on the Anatolian side to prevent attacks from the north of the Bosphorus. The three great towers of the fortress have the largest bastions in the world.

You will enjoy our tour by visiting our locations with our delightful sunset tour boat in istanbul of the Bosphorus, which is full of different beauties. Our tour route will start from the European side and proceed to the Asian side after Galataport, Kabataş and Bebek regions. You will pass through important parts of the Asian side. When our yacht is in the direction of Bebek, when the sun starts to lose its power, you will have the opportunity to take great photos. Our captain will stop for short periods of time for certain photo shoots in important areas for you to enjoy the view. You can take photos as you wish, both on the top floor of our boat and on the front of our boat.

As we continue our route in the Asian region, our guide will also tell you about the architectures of the Asian region. You will see Beylerbeyi Palace, one of the important architectures of the Asian region.

Sunset Boat Tour in Istanbul
Sunset Boat Tour in Istanbul

Beylerbeyi Palace is the palace built by the architect Sarkis Balyan in 1861-1865 by Sultan Abdulaziz. Beylerbeyi Palace, which has a special architecture, is a masonry structure and is a 2-storey structure built on a high basement. Palace; Its harem is in the northern region and it is in the Mabeyn-i Humayun region. It includes three entrances, six large halls, 24 rooms, 1 Turkish bath and 1 bathroom. The palace has a rectangular structure. Beylerbeyi Palace is Ottoman architecture. Sunset tour boat in istanbul is made with city line ferries, private boat tours and luxury yacht tours.

Sunset Boat Tour Advantages

  • Sunset tours are not crowded as they are made on a private yacht.
  • Another feature of our Sunset tour is that it is a free transfer from your hotels.
  • We have team members to serve you.
  • Boats are more comfortable.
  • Too much time for photography as there are not many guests.
  • Accompanying our professional guide throughout the tour.
  • Soft drink offering.
  • Fruit platter.
  • Hot drinks are offered.

When it gets dark, you will breathe the relaxing air of the Bosphorus and head towards the Golden Horn, our return route. On the way to our return direction, we will offer you tea and coffee. After our delightful sunset tour boat in istanbul, you will spend time in the relaxing waters. Our team members will help you with your photo shoots and videos during the tour. You can share your photos and videos with your loved ones during the Bosphorus tour. You will glide through historical waters by seeing the historical Bosphorus, Byzantine Mansions.

About  Transfer Sunset Tour Istanbul

Our transfer vehicles come to your hotel and you are met by our captain. Our transfer vehicles eliminate delays and bring you to the tour area in a more comfortable way. At the end of the tour, our transfer vehicles will be waiting for you in the tour start area. It will drop you back to your hotels from the starting area.

What Are Our Services Included in Our Organization?

  • Free transfer is available to our guests. Our transfer vehicles will be prepared comfortably.
  • If our guests wish, they can enrich our tour by adding champagne, birthday cake, and other extras to our tour.
  • Opportunity to take photos in the unique view of the Bosphorus.

Bosphorus Sunset Times

Our winter hours

From November to February – Sunset Cruise program starts at 16:00 (ends at 18:30)

Our first Spring hours

March-April and September – October – Sunset Cruise program starts at 17.30 (ends at 20:00)

Our Summer Hours

From May to August-Sunset Cruise program starts at 18.30 (ends at 21:00)

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