Private Yacht Tour on Bosphorus

Located on a unique geographical position, Istanbul is a city which offers as much adoration of beauty as creation of possible exciting activities.

Whether it is on earth or on the sea side, the fun and enjoyment that promises you this city is endless. In a city which links the two cultures of Europe and Asia in one area !

We suggest you to test this experience with the best and amazing yacht that takes you on an unforgettable ride to discover the wonders of Bosphorus city. From inside the Marmara sea , you are able to look on from both sides what happens in the European and asian side and the very moment you are in the sea.

The private boat in Istanbul can take you on a getaway on the Bosphorus, the Sea of Marmara or the Black Sea. But also, we offer you the possibility of discovering islands characterized by unusual features found in the form of an archipelago south of the Sea of Marmara just 1 hour from Istanbul.

Take Adalari, constitute 9 islands but we will take you on a private ride on the most famous ones where you can have fun on a bike ride in any season and tour the forests and aquatic landscapes or even enjoy a few hours of swimming in summer. The small carriage rides are not to be missed to visit the history of these islands through old houses that characterize the islands of the princes.

*All our boats are checked before each departure, very well maintained, the safety protocol is followed to the letter, and the navigation standards too.

What is the Private Yacht cruise on Bosphorus ?

It is a tour organized by us for every possible occasion with offered explication from a touristic guide as well as night life shows to have as aim : Making you accustomed and familiarized with the culture knowledge to benefit from during your stay in one of the most historical cities of all time.

Whether to enjoy it within family members or friends or even between lovers, the Yacht cruise on the Bosphorus is a great idea !

On this ride that makes you a staring guest of both the Asian shore and the European shore, you can witness a beautiful sunset on the bosphorus.

For party lovers, you can also rent hourly the boat and invite your besties to an amazing birthday party.

For intimate moments between lovers, we suggest you to make a reservation for a lunch or dinner that can end up for you with a marriage proposal underneath the red lights of Bosphorus.

How long does a “Private Bosphorus Tour” last?

Several suggestions:

  • A 2 hour cruise
  • Half a day
  • Or full day with lunch on board
  • Sunset on the Bosphorus (2 hours)

HOW TO MAKE A RESERVATION on the private Yacht Bosphorus in Istanbul ?

To make a reservation , all you need to do is contact us by email through : and be ready to spend a nice time on the Bosphorus with

Then you will also precise to us :

  1. the date of the Private Yacht tour on Bosphorus.
  2. Number of people participating (kids if any and their ages)
  3. your name and the hotel where you are staying. For the transfers, we will pick you up 30-40 min before the beginning of your tour for whatever occasion.

In the later steps, we will send you the availability as well as the types of boats and their prices and we will help you choose the most convenient for you.

Then a confirmation message will be delivered after your choice by

So be ready for your private Yacht Bosphorus tour cause it is worth the price !

The location of this boat in the Bosphorus is a good idea for every circumstance.

According to how many people you are expected to be, we suggest you many different models that matches also with the type of occasion or celebrations you are planning . For example :

  • little model romantic boat for two.
  • medium sized boat for a gateway between friends, family or colleagues..( 2-15 person’s)
  • of big size boat for seminars and group trips or weddings (big celebrations of 100 people )

We will be a good support to choose with you and suggest what responds to your expectations.

Place of departure of the Private Bosphorus Yacht Cruise 2022 :

The pick up place will be your hotel, at the hour that we will be agreed upon earlier. Accordingly to your hotel location, we will either start the cruise from the Asian or European side ;

In Europe : Galata Bridge / Galataport / Kabatas / Ortaköy / Tarabya
In Asia : Kanlıca / Üsküdar / Beykoz

What is here to discover through the Private Bosphorus Yacht Cruise 2022 :

– being able to discover places and spots that time wouldn’t allow you in a short stay.

Because by the sea is faster than through earth . Istanbul having a crazy traffic jam in some areas.

– According to your choice , it can be a simple discovery of the Bosphorus as it can ve a full day tour on the Marmara sea until the princes islands as it can also be further until the Black Sea.

– During your stay and if you opt to this option , you will discover true wonders of the city and take best pictures of some hidden historical places on the shores. It is time to stare at the beauty of little villages, ports of fisherman’s and also moments of relaxation in exclusive behind closed doors dives in the water of pure joyfulness and solitude.

The captain will take you to the hidden maritime treasures of Istanbul. following your requests, several stops are planned during the private Bosphorus cruise  in order to discover new popular or chic districts, which make what Istanbul is today.

You can discover on the European side: Karakoy, Besiktas, Ortakoy, Arnavutkoy, Yenikoy, Bebek, Rumeli Hisari, Tarabya, Sariyer / On the Asian side: Usküdar, Beylerbeyi, Kandilli, Cengelkoy, Kanlica, Anadoluhisari, Pasabahce, Beykoz.

Private Bosphorus ride is a unique and completely private ride. The boat is for you (as a couple, with friends, with colleagues…).

The boat belongs to you for the time you have chosen : either  2 hours / half day / day.

The boat will go where we will have previously determined your route with

On board all non-alcoholic drinks are included, at the rental price (alcohol extra). For food, “optional / extra” (breakfast / lunch / dinner) you will have to specify it together with your journey and your expectations.