Yacht Tour on the Bosphorus

You can celebrate a special day on the Bosphorus yacht tour, which you can choose for many different days. While benefiting from the magnificent view of the Bosphorus, you can also benefit from the changing shows. Yacht tour on the Bosphorus can be done during the day or at night.

While you can choose it for celebrations for your loved ones, you can also choose to experience the beauty of the Bosphorus. While you can choose a yacht cruise on the Bosphorus during the day, you can also choose it at night because night celebrations are more ideal.

Yat Tour on the Bosphorus
Yat Tour on the Bosphorus

You can choose the yacht tour for weddings or henna tour. You can take advantage of the selections with different sizes and features in the yacht tour selections. Depending on the organization you will organize, yacht preferences are also important in terms of determining different prices.

What Should Be Considered While Choosing Yacht Tour on the Bosphorus ?

With its unique beauty, you can make room for a yacht tour in your Bosphorus celebrations, which are different during the day and support a magnificent feast at night. You can choose between luxury and economical yacht tours, and you can choose  for weddings, henna nights, birthday celebrations, marriage proposals, graduations as well as business dinners.

Preferences can be determined according to the organization to be held in the selection of a yacht tour on the Bosphorus. You can benefit from the organization companies for the tour to be made. It is possible to benefit from many different choices that vary according to the organization.

In yacht charter operations, boat sizes are important according to the organization. For this reason, it is necessary to pay attention to the boat dimensions. In the organization of a yacht tour on the Bosphorus, not only the dimensions but also the services provided by the yacht are important. Although luxury yacht choices are more expensive, they provide many opportunities. Economic yacht selections, on the other hand, have some exceptions, but also benefit from affordable price options.

It is recommended that you determine in advance the choices to be made while making use of the organization company on the yacht tour to be made in the Bosphorus. There are also changing contents such as the number of people, organizational content and preferences with or without food.

Celebration with Yacht Tour on the  Bosphorus

There can be room for many different celebrations in the selection of yacht tours in the Bosphorus. It is possible to experience unforgettable memories while enjoying many different celebrations such as birthdays, graduation, New Year’s celebrations, and marriage proposals on the Bosphorus. In addition, you can have the privilege of having your wedding or henna nights in the Bosphorus.

You can also have a yacht tour on the Bosphorus and have your corporate meals. You can also have your business lunches for your employees or for your business meetings while enjoying a unique view.

With a yacht cruise on the Bosphorus, you can take advantage of the day or night options for the celebrations. You can take advantage of hourly, daily or weekly selections. In addition to making a magnificent yacht tour with your loved ones, you can also take advantage of surprise your loved ones.

In addition to making use of the boat decorations in the celebrations, you can also choose changing preferences such as laser, fireworks, and volcanoes for the celebration to be held at night. Predetermining the number of people in this special celebration with your loved ones is an effective choice for yacht charter.

Short Yacht Tour on the Bosphorus

It is possible to experience magnificent moments with the tour to be made on the Bosphorus. You can take advantage of the short Bosphorus yacht tour not only by taking advantage of celebrations or various organizations, but also to have a special and beautiful time with your loved one.

Yacht tour in the Bosphorus, where you can get the energy of being on the sea, can be done day or night. A short yacht tour in the Bosphorus, which is determined as 2 hours on average, can be preferred every day of the week and every hour of the day.

For a short Bosphorus tour, you can choose the route determined on your yacht cruise, as well as take advantage of different route preferences. On the tour, where you can take advantage of being alone with the person you love, you can make room for a surprise marriage proposal, surprise celebrations or choices that will make your loved ones happy. You can take advantage of the short Bosphorus yacht tour not only for your romantic moments, but also to experience pleasant moments with your friends in the view of the Bosphorus.

While it is sufficient to choose your yacht in your selections of short yacht tour on the Bosphorus, if you have an organizational plan, you can expand your choices accordingly. The prices of the short yacht tours to be made in the Bosphorus, on the other hand, vary according to the boat selections, meals or treats, and additional service details are also important in determining the price. At the same time, night and weekend yacht tours on the Bosphorus are slightly more expensive than weekday and day tours.