Birthday Party on the Bosphorus

Birthday Party on the Bosphorus

Our birthday party organization on the Bosphorus, which we organize in Istanbul Bosphorus, is very popular. We are hosting an unforgettable birthday party in the cultural and wonderful view of Istanbul’s Bosphorus. You will be able to enjoy the cultural and unique view of the Bosphorus to the fullest by having fun on the Bosphorus as you wish. With our private yacht, you will have fun with your family and friends, listen to the music you want, go on a tour whenever you want and have fun as you wish. It is enough to contact us by choosing the most suitable and special yacht models for you. You can see our yacht models from 3 to 22 people. It will be advantageous for you to make an early reservation, especially in the summer months, as it is very busy.

How to Have a Birthday Party on the Bosphorus?

You can charter a private yacht and celebrate a birthday on the Bosphorus with durations starting from 2 hours. In the Bosphorus, our yachts are decorated according to your wishes and for your surprises, yacht decoration, violinist, cake entertainment can be arranged. The birthday party on the Bosphorus, which will make you feel special with your family, friends, is not as high-budget (expensive) as you think.

  • Yacht Decoration
  • Food
  • Laser Show
  • Balloon Decoration
  • Welcome with Volkan
  • Vip Transfer Service
  • Professional photographer on yacht
  • Violin Concert
  • Drone Shooting

You can choose what you want among our different services. Let’s take a look at these services together.

How is the Boat Decoration Made for a Birthday in the Bosphorus?

In our birthday service in the Bosphorus, there is a decoration service that we offer you as a standard. However, we can decorate our boat according to your different demands. You need to inform in advance. In the birthday party organization in the Bosphorus, beautifully decorated table decorations with flowers and also interior decorations are made for you.

You can have fun with our high quality speaker system via USB Bluetooth as you wish on the yacht with free wifi special for you. You will experience an unforgettable the birthday party on yacht with your family and friends. You can immortalize your memories with photo shoot. You will have fun on our yacht tour with the Bosphorus view, which starts about 2 hours. You can also dine on the yacht, depending on your request, and celebrate your birthday with our wonderful laser show with the perfect cultural view of Istanbul, Ortaköy and Üsküdar and make a marriage proposal.  Our mostly popular laser shows have become indispensable in birthday parties. Click here for the laser throat birthday party. Our meals are served hot with high quality. In this way, you will be watching the cultural scene while having your meal in the Bosphorus. Your family, you and your friends will enjoy a birthday party on the boat. You will have a great time with our additional services. We help you in every way according to your wishes.

We make decorations with balloons and flowers at the birthday party on the yacht, or we can decorate the balloons with the name of our guest who has a birthday upon your request, so that he will feel more special in the Istanbul Cultural Bosphorus. You will spend an unforgettable day in the Bosphorus.

You will celebrate an unforgettable birthday in Istanbul, the capital of thousands of years of culture, between the continents of Asia and Europe. Together with our photographer, you can collect wonderful memories with a perfect view.

Birthday Laser Show on the Bosphorus

We offer a magnificent laser show with the Bosphorus Bridge, accompanied by a view of the Ortaköy Mosque in the middle of the Bosphorus, with a culturally exquisite view of the legendary Bosphorus of Istanbul. Laser show has become the popularity of recent times. It is offered by our professional team, which is an indispensable part of marriage proposals and birthday parties. We laser print the name and date of birth of our birthday guest on the Bosphorus Bridge. If there is a name or text, it should be notified in advance. You can find the opportunity to collect wonderful memories with the laser show and our professional photographer team. Our birthday guest will feel very special at the laser show and will enjoy the Bosphorus tour to the fullest with his family and friends. We offer you an unforgettable birthday party on the yacht. In this way, you will collect wonderful memories.

Volcano Show at the Entrance on Birthday Party

If they wish, our guests can benefit from our service of welcoming them with volcano, which is our additional service. While our guest is coming to the birthday party on yacht , our yacht will be ready and waiting for them with a volcano. In this way, our guest will feel very special before the unique view of the Bosphorus. It will make our birthday guest feel special with his family and friends. If our guests wish, our professional photographer team will shoot videos and photos during the volcano welcome.

Our VIP Transfer Service to the Birthday Party on the Bosphorus

If our guests wish, they can take advantage of our transfer service, which is our additional service, from the region or home they are in before the unique cultural view of Istanbul. As our vehicle, Veto Mercedes-Benz, we provide you with our transfer service, they can benefit from both our welcome and end-of-tour transfer service. In our comfortable vehicles, we make you feel special and deliver you to the birthday party on yacht in a way that both our guests and their friends will feel more comfortable and comfortable. Our transfer service is both healthier and saves the time of our customers, which completely eliminates delays.

Professional Photographer at the Bosphorus Birthday Party

If they wish, our guests can benefit from our additional service, the professional photographer service. They can accompany the unique cultural landscape of Istanbul with our professional photographer. Our professional photographer friend will take photos and videos of your unforgettable memories. Filming is done with a professional camera. Our guest’s family and friends will collect unforgettable memories on his birthday in the Bosphorus and decorate their memories with photographs. Our photographer friend will shoot as our guests want.

Violin Concert at the Birthday Party on the Bosphorus

If our guests wish, they can benefit from our additional service, which is a violin concert against the magnificent cultural view of Istanbul on our yacht. They can listen to the violin concert while they spend a wonderful time on our yacht with the unforgettable violin concert that will make you feel special in the unique cultural landscape of Istanbul. Both our guest’s family and friends will witness this magnificent moment.

Drone Shooting at the Birthday Party on the Bosphorus

If they wish, our guests can take advantage of our professional drone shooting service, which will make our birthday party on yacht  unforgettable with the unique view of Istanbul. Our professional drone shooting team will both capture the magnificent cultural view of Istanbul while witnessing the wonderful moments of our guests’ family and friends, and our guests will immortalize the moments they had fun and leave wonderful memories. Professional drone shooting is one of our indispensable additions to birthday parties and marriage proposals, you can keep these wonderful memories for the rest of your life. If you want can you click marriage yacht tour on bosphorus page.